Car Fails Compilation 2012 (129)

The latest complete car video compilation around the web and around the world. New videos uploaded every week with original sound only. Visit Videos on the road Collection Youtube channel.
Please be careful on the roads! Never consume alcoholic beverages before driving. This is the most frequent cause of serious accidents. If you drink, use a non-drinking designated driver, a taxi, or sleep over.
Follow street signs and traffic lights, but use your judgment too. Don’t try to beat red lights. And expect others to try to do so, so give them time to go through, particularly trucks that have trouble slowing down. Always stay at a safe distance from other vehicles. A general rule is the farther you are from them, the safer you are.
When you try to run a red light, there are many grave hazards. You take the risk that someone will turn in front of you (thinking that you must be stopping). Or, when the light changes, someone will pull out from the side and into your path. Or, a pedestrian (perhaps a child) will step out into the crosswalk on the far side. You are probably speeding and are committed to running the light, so the accident will be a severe one. The resulting carnage will be your fault, and you will have to live with it for the rest of your life. Keep in mind here that, it is exceptionally difficult for the other driver, when looking at your vehicle head on, whether your are about to accelerate, stop, or even how fast you are going.
Trucks are a special hazard. Give them extra room. They cannot see other vehicles as well as you can in a car. If there is an accident between a car and a truck, the driver of the car will be the one most at risk.

Una nuova compilation di auto riprese in strada in tutto il mondo. Una serie di spettacolari incidenti e video divertenti del 2012. Visita il canale Youtube Videos on the road Collection.


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  4. Drunk driving have caused many accidents already.. I hope this is something all of us will consider especially the young ones who are into adventures.. They no longer care the possible consequences as long as they get what they want.


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  7. Everybody look out. We've got some auto wreckers out there. haha.

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