Kid Riding a Motorcycle

Little kid riding motorcycle in China. 2 yr old riding Bike, Insane video!

How to Carry a Car on a Car Roof

Spanish man driving car with a mini van on the roof. Bizarre footage shows car driving down a road in Spain while carrying a van on its roof.

Amateur video footage shows a Ford Focus being driven on a road while carrying a van on its roof.


Train Wash System in India

Train Wash!!! Funny train washing system made in India... exclusively for external washing of trains.

Guys used motorcycle and fresh water from river to wash running train.

The Most Overloaded Car Ever

This is a real life funny video of an overloaded car. You need a pick-up truck if your car looks like this.

Although many of the people probably don't have a choice, overloading your vehicle is a bad idea...

Kid Driving Car in China

Child spotted driving a car in rush hour in China. Small kid driving dad's car.

A child is spotted behind the wheel of a family car in this clip captured by dad.

Pedestrian Hit by Car then Speeding Car Crash with Police and Rolls Over

Car crash with pedestrian caught on CCTV. Then a car crashed and rolled over with police car. Luckily no one was seriously injured after a car rolls over after losing control.