Car Football

Football With Cars! Do you like football? If yes this will be an interesting show for you. Watch the football match played using car.   


Overloaded Truck Accidents and Fails Collection

Compilation of overloaded trucks. The truck drivers do not pay attention to the maximum limit load trucks.

Compilation of funny and interesting moments when overloaded trucks makes wheelies on russian and asian roads.


Car Crash Compilation February 2015

Car crashes with original sound only. Winter Car Crash Compilation February 2015.

Car crash compilation of the worst winter car crashes caught on dashcam. http://roadfail.altervista.org.

Selfie in the Snow + Road Rage [Russian Style]

Naked Russian Guy Taking Selfies in the Snow...

Overloaded Truck with Wood Falls Off the Road

Truck Falls From Cliff Into Valley In India. Overloading causes accident. Just as it is portrayed in the video where a truck overloaded with wood couldn't maintain balance and fall off the road.

The Luckiest but also the Worst Driver In The World

This is probably the luckiest but the worst driver in the world! Amazing and crazy overtaking FAIL!

Women vs Gas Station! Funny Best of

Woman Fails At Gas Station! This compilation video is made up of regular women trying to fill up their gas tank and almost caused catastrophes while doing so.

Awesome Parking Fails Compilation

Epic Parking Fail Compilation! Crazy car parking fails caught on dashcam and security cams. Sometimes it's just really hard to park the car!! Funny things happen on the road.

Some are caused by bad driving, some are caused by neglect of other drivers, some are just crazy and could not been foreseen. No matter what the cause is, it is always highly entertaining to see crazy attempts of parking end badly. The result is this big collection of funny parking fails that will make you laugh very hard.